Thursday, August 23, 2007

Me And My Big Mouth

When we first got engaged, Mr Artichoke and I agreed not tell anyone until I got my ring. Then he told his friends the next day! So I went ahead and emailed all my friends and told pretty much everyone I knew about our engagement. Then we decided we’d wait til 2009 to get married since I wanted a big wedding.

When I started looking at the costs, I realized that we could save for years and never save enough for a huge, fancy, expensive wedding. I went back to Mr Artichoke and told him either we needed scale back the wedding or go to Vegas. He knew I really wanted a wedding so Vegas really wasn’t an option. We talked about things that were important to us, things that meant us. We decided to ask our friends if they would let us use their backyard, our friends who already agreed to marry us. They said yes, but how many people would you invite?

When we first made our guest list (when we were renting a banquet hall and hiring a caterer), it was over 70 people. Clearly we could not fit all those people into someone’s back yard. We trimmed the list and were at 42. Forty-two people that we truly loved and wanted to share our day with us-my dad, his four best friends, and the friends we’ve made together. Not a single person that I felt was extraneous.

Then all the people who I emailed, responded. When is the date? My aunt (who made a spontaneous visit with my cousin) said when in July, what date? I hemmed and hawed. Mr. Artichoke said we’d love to have you but it’s going to be a small wedding. My aunt insisted and, finally, we caved. I added her back to the list. (Hey, I trimmed down the list by eliminating any out of towners!) Then had to add her two sisters and their significant others. I realized that I really want my aunts there. I love them and I’m working on building relationships with them as an adult. I decided I would not be moved. I cannot possibly invite less than 50 (official number is 48, but there are little ones that will be coming).

It’s our day, we need to have those closest to us there. Besides, less might come. We’re having an evening wedding with no dinner provided. I’m sure some will snub us.

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