Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pancakes In Paris by Craig Carlson

I picked up Pancakes In Paris on a whim. I do love reading books about Paris and pancakes are delicious. This seemed like the perfect book. I haven't heard of Breakfast In America but when I go to Paris, I'll check it out. I'm glad I picked it up. I enjoyed Carlson's story.

France and in particularly, Paris, had long been a part of Carlson's life. His sister spoke a pidgin French to annoy their father. Carlson took French in school and later studied abroad in France. But what made a former screenwriter open a restaurant in Paris when he had no restaurant experience. Each time he came to Paris, he missed the traditional American diner experience. I love a good diner so I loved hearing about how Carlson researched diners. Plus Carlson's voice is so conversational. I felt like he was just telling me a story.

Pancakes in Paris is the kind of food memoir I like. Plenty of personal stories, honest stories about how hard it is to open a business, and funny stories about living life and finding yourself. Others who shared their thoughts on Pancakes In Paris: The He Said She Said Experience, Eat. Live. Travel. Write, and Seattle Book Mama.
This is my first read for the Foodies Read challenge.

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  1. That sounds like an interesting book. I can imagine the French being a little put out with a restaurant serving *gasp* American cuisine in France.


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