Friday, August 23, 2013

A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

I picked up A Great And Terrible Beauty based on the name alone. And that cover didn't hurt. I didn't know too much what it was about. But when I found it was set in 1800's London and had magical elements, I assumed I would like it. Well sort of. I'm really torn on A Great and Terrible Beauty.
Gemma and her family live in India. But Gemma wants to move back to London. She longs to attend balls and meet other young men. Gemma does get to move to London but under unhappy circumstances. Off to Spence, where Gemma is going to receive instruction on how to be a proper lady.
I liked Gemma and her friends. After a while they really settle into themselves and feel very real. They are petty, mean, scared, and lonely. They truly feel trapped. Each of them long to make their own destinies but they need to fill the roles that society and their families place them in. Most of the book is these young ladies trying to twist their fate into something else. That's where the magic comes in. Without it, each lady would be resigned to her fate. There's this beautiful struggle between each of the young ladies and the world. In that way I look forward to the next book. The other stuff especially the story arc about the Order that wants Gemma didn't interest me as much.
Overall a good read. The story was interesting and it didn't take me long to read. I'll read the next in the series but I'm not in a hurry. Others who shared their thoughts on A Great And Terrible Beauty: Inhaling Books, InkBitten, Reading In Winter, and Confessions of  A Book Addict.
This was my eleventh book for the Historical Reading Challenge.

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  1. I would have picked it up just for the title as well! There's an Irish bar nearby called A Terrible Beauty and we've been just because I love the name. Apparently it's taken from a Yeats poem.


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