Friday, November 18, 2016

Lots of Questions

Fired a Gun – yes
Been Married – yes
Fell in love – yes
Gone on a blind date – no
Skipped school – yup
Watched someone give birth – nope
Watched someone die – no
Been to Canada – yup but would love to explore more
Ridden in an ambulance – yes
Been to Hawaii – no
Been to Europe – no
Been to Las Vegas – yes
Been to Washington D.C. – yes
Been to Nashville – no
Visited Florida –no
Visited Mexico – only Baja. Would love to see more.
Seen Grand Canyon in person – no
Flown in a helicopter – no
Partied so hard you puked – yes
Been on a cruise – no
Served on a jury – no
Been in a movie – no
Danced in the rain – all the time in college
Been to Los Angeles – yes
Been to New York City – yes
Played in a band – no
Sang karaoke –yes
Made prank phone calls – no
Laughed so much you cried – yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue – yes
Had children – nope
Had a pet – had dogs previously.
Been sledding on big hill – no
Been downhill skiing – no
Been water skiing – no
Rode on a motorcycle – no
Traveled to all 50 states- not even close.
Jumped out of a plane – nope
Been to a drive-in movie – all the time when I was young
Rode an elephant – yup
Rode a Horse – just ponies
Been on TV – no
Been in the newspaper – no
Stayed in the Hospital –no
Donated blood – yes
Gotten a piercing – yes
Gotten a tattoo – not yet
Driven a stick shift vehicle – not very well
Driven over 100 mph – yes
Been scuba diving – no
Lived on your own – yes
Rode in the back of police car –  no
Got a speeding ticket – yes
Broken a bone – no
Gotten stitches – yes
Traveled Alone – yes
Here’s another: Every answer must start with the last letter of your previous answer.
Name – Linda
Animal – antalope
Girl’s name – evie
Color – emerald
Movie – Donnie Darko
Something you wear – overalls
Drink – sangria
Food – apple pie
Item in the bathroom – exhaust fan
Place – Neverland
Reason to be late – delayed

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