Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mini Reviews-The Graphic Novel version

I wanted to highlight a few graphic novels I've read recently. I can't seem to write a long post about one graphic novel so here's a medium size post about a few.

Gene Luen Yang seems to be THE name in graphic novels today. When I saw the cover of Level Up I was hooked. The story follows Dennis, a young man who prefers playing video games to attending his college classes. One day he's visited by 4 angels who encourage him to follow his destiny: to become a doctor. The story weaves family expectations with cultural expectations and personal freedoms. I enjoyed this one. 

I grabbed You Have Killed Me off the library shelf because I was hoping it would be a good detective/film noir piece. It was. The story had all the right components-a good looking dame, a broke hustler, a mystery, a good detective just trying to do his job. I enjoyed it.

The Property is the story of a young woman and her grandmother traveling to Poland. The young woman believes that her grandmother has returned to claim a piece of property her family owned before WWII. The grandmother has other ideas. The Property was a beautiful story of love, family, and history. The story was so rich. Amazing, one of my favorites this year. 

Have you read any great graphic novels recently?

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