Monday, August 27, 2007

The Beat Goes On*

As I said previously, music means a lot to me and Mr. Artichoke. But our musical library lacks the music he likes (trance and techno), so Saturday night we spent time on Youtube and iTunes looking for old songs. Well Mr Artichoke did. I looked for new songs that I never heard before. I’m so out of touch with current music. Ever since I got an iPod I stopped listening to the radio. Also the radio in my car doesn't really work either. I only listen to the radio for a few minutes in the morning. I however realized that there is nothing on the radio anymore and found no new music that I had to add to my collection. But we downloaded some Fatboy Slim, Sarah Maclaclan’s Mirrorball album, and some more Oakenfold.
Having spent most of Saturday night downloading and searching for music, I was interested in this service. Audiostiles styles your iPod or playlist for you. No more searching for the right song. You let them know what you are looking for through a online questionnaire and then they load your iPod or send you the CDs all ready for your event. It looks kind of pricy to me but if you were unable to put your perfect playlist together or looking for a specific mood, then it might be a way to go.
*Sonny & Cher, duh!

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