Sunday, March 30, 2008

A little something for my guests

Despite the fact, I dislike so much of the wedding related crap, I do like bathroom baskets. I love to see them at nice clubs or classy hotels. I think they are nice especially because people tend to forget things.
Stolen from knottie terriandmike. You can buy all this stuff from the dollar store or on sale from Target or Walmart. I have a basket that we could use.
I'll probably leave out the gum and mints since we plan to have mints at the wedding. But mouthwash, advil, contact solution and hand sanitizer are all things I think people will need. I guess I need to get cracking and start looking for these things! Any things I missed?

Saturday, March 29, 2008


usingI use Bon Ami to clean the bathtub the other day. I hate cleaning the bathtub so cleaning happens infrequently (gross I know). Sprinkle it on, scrub with a wet cloth and done! My tub was sparkling afterwards. It doesn't smell all that great but there's no after smell. Once you rinse it away it's gone.

I get Mary's newsletter in my inbox everyday. She always has tons of tips for saving money. Some apply some don't. But her daily email is free and she has a blog now. I recommend signing up for it. It's completely free and she doesn't sell her list to others.

looking for

Yeah, I've been talking about undergarments a lot lately. I'm looking for a bra like this one from Fredricks but in my size (44D). I have a couple of low cut shirts that are too low for any bra I have. Any ideas?

readingI saw this on the library shelf the other day. I love Jodi's books so I eagerly picked up. Not disappointed so far. I just saw on her webpage that she wrote a book about Wonder Woman. I'm headed to the library right now to check it out!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh, That's Original!

When I saw this on Little Miss Planner's blog this morning (from Martha Stewart):
I thought how different and unexpected.
Tonight I was browsing (which I do infrequently) and found these:
How gorgeous is this? Ranunculus in a lovely soup tureen. You could buy a bunch of new ones or find some gorgeous vintage ones!Or how about some pitchers and sugar bowls? I love the cream and green against the white pitchers. So elegant!Or how about using tea pots? This is a great idea for a bridal shower. A friend of mine did that last year for a bridal shower. She collected tea pots, put flower arrangements in them and handed them out as prizes to the games. Let me tell you. There was some competition to win the first one. Everyone had their eye on the same tea pot!
All of these would be great for bridal showers, afternoon tea parties or a casual garden wedding!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Stolen Inspiration

I decided to try to do these knottie bios once a month. Hopefully you like the ones I pick!
Liz&Eric07Here's a fantastic idea for a guest book. Have everyone sign the jersey of your favorite player. Or get a jersey with your last name on it and have everyone sign it. I think that's what they did here. Terrific idea!They had a painter capture their first dance. Amazing!
Check out their bio for more inspiration. There was a winter wedding that was very elegantly done!
Meesa31Look brown dresses! Look not matching dresses! Yea!
I love that necklace. Such a gorgeous bling shot.
How freaking cute are these Save the Dates!
I love these centerpieces. So cool.
I love this poster. Such a rip-off of A Lot Like Love, but such a neat idea. And a great way to show off your engagement shots.
Such original colors. I love how the yellow pops against the brown. Very nice.
LaMaddalena (aka Mrs Strawberry)

Seriously, my favorite knottie and my favorite bee! She had the wedding I would have planned if I hadn't seen her do it so much better than I ever could. I keep trying to talk Tai into do this. First we have to get a good picture of ourselves then send it off to the caricaturist. I think we are nearing the deadline if we want to do that.
She had her engagement photos at the Seattle Public Library. Very unique. If you do check out her bio, it's some wedding photos and some planning photos. If you are using pink or going for a shabby chic feel, she'll give you a lot of inspiration.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Places I won't be getting married

When I first started looking, I tried to look at places that were unique and affordable. I thought I would share what I found.
The City of Bothell offers a free wedding planning guide which you can find here.The Lytle House in Bothell. We would have had to rent a separate space for the ceremony. The space only held a 100 people and we would had to be out by midnight. I also originally turned it down because we couldn't have alcohol. But this would be an excellent place for an afternoon wedding.
Lynndale Park Amphitheater in Lynnwood. I found the picture here. A friend got married here last year. Tai didn't like it cause people were walking by and stopping. He felt it was too public.
The Winters House in Bellevue. Only holds 75 people. It was a little out of our budget and too small. But I think it would be an excellent place for a winter or late fall wedding because there are couches and a fireplace inside.
The Chapel at Bastyr in Kenmore. Gorgeous space but way out of our budget. But you do get a lot. I wish I would have gone to look at the space.Wallace Falls State Park near Gold Bar. There are 5 cabins there. This was our back up if our site wasn't available. But it would have been a destination wedding. It would have about an hour and half for everyone to get there. Since we wanted an evening wedding, people would have had to stay there. There wouldn't have been space for everyone so we would have had to trim our guest list.
I hope this helps someone else. If you do choose one of these places to get married, let me know.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Again with the underwear

My post on bridal undergarments was popular. I had my highest number of visitors that day. Since sex sells, I'm going to do it again. I also found some pretty funny things. I have to share!
I found this here. Made me giggle!
Here's one for the guys:Found at the same place as above.
Again from the same place. So inappropriate but I love it!
Not underwear but I still like it. At the beginning Tai wanted to have a prison themed wedding. One of his groomsmen is a corrections officer. He wanted to have him wear his uniform and all the other groomsmen to wear those orange jumpsuits. I quickly vetoed that idea :)
I really like this one too. I like that silhouette of the sexy girl. I think that Tai would like it too.
Want to keep some money on you at the wedding? Don't want to carry a purse? How about these:Kind of scary to me. Even if you weren't wearing it under a dress, how in the hell is this useful? It states on the website that you can wear them as swim bottoms. WTF?
I might do this again since it's kind of easy and I like sharing the strange wacky things I find.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update: 120 days!

When we hit a 150 days I said I would update you all at 120 days. Well it's here and I had specific things I wanted to have done at this point.
To refresh your memory, here's my in process list:
  1. The invitations.
  2. The florist.
  3. The favors.
  4. The desserts.
  5. Centerpieces.
As you know we have our invitations and our florist. I didn't buy the rest of the favors or start the tags. I think we did decide on dessert. But Tai had some really good cake (his words). I asked him where it came from. He didn't know but he did say he wanted to find out. So we might be changing our plan. I *think* I'm done with the centerpieces. I'm going to do some mock ups soon. I'll post pics when I do.
I was hoping to have our rings and rentals done by now. I have the rentals done. It was more expensive than I planned but now we have everything-tables, chairs and tableclothes. The company we went with doesn't have a PA system. But we would have had to give it up at 9pm. I rather have something that we can keep all night. My dad pointed out that I have a receiver. If we got speakers we could use that. I like that idea. Tai not so much. I don't know what he wants to do. I guess we still have to figure that out.
I have not ordered our rings. I don't know if I mentioned it but we have matching engagement bands. Tai thinks his is too tight. I think mine is too loose. I would like to get these in the correct size. These are much more important. I'd like to get resized before we buy the rings. That involves a trip to the mall-Tai's least favorite place. I'm holding off on a mall trip til I have a few things to do there. I think I can sell that more easily.
I decided to wear the shoes I had before. I'll take a pic and post it later.
I did find my shower dress or my rehearsal dress.
I'm not sure where I'll wear it but I found it at Macy's for $20!
Ok so that's the update for now. I'll post another one when we get to 100 days (April 8th). Then it gets scary. We move into double digits! Yipes. We're moving so quickly!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Whatcha wearing under there?

Ever since I first saw a bride wearing these panties:Stolen from knottie faBriezy.
I knew I wanted a pair. (Ok this really isn't the picture I wanted, but I spent an hour looking and this is as close as I got.)
It's silly. I don't really need something blue. I already have my bracelet and my shoes. But I do want customized underwear. Sadly I can't really find a lot of blue underwear so it's probably ok that I don't need it for my something blue. But I thought I'd show you what I found.I found these here. I wish there was a matching one that said got wife :)
How about these found here.I love these found here. These are completely customizable. I think I would put forever Tai's.
How about making sure your guy knows that your his? In case the wedding ring isn't enough of a clue or reminder you can go here to purchase these.I like the ones that say the Mrs. I want tshirts that say the Mr and the Mrs. I think those are cute. Check out this site to find these panties.I like these as well. I want to get a tshirt that says the same thing. I plan to wear it the week before the wedding to remind people who's boss.
And in my searches I found this here:What the hell? Brides are always discussing when to take off their veil. After the ceremony? Before the reception? If anyone is going to wear it after the wedding for the night of, they are keeping it to themselves. I'm a little confused why you'd want to wear this or what you would do with it. Perhaps Tai can explain it to me. By the way, this website does have lots of sexy costumes in case you are looking for those.
I hope you enjoyed looking at some sexy lingerie. I might be looking for some more. I'm not sure I found what I really want.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Accessories for those Guys!

Tai's a little more concerned about what shirt he's going to be wearing than what tie. I honestly have no clue but I hope it needs cuff links! I've seen so many cute photos with guys in customized cuff links. I think this is a great way to bring out personality. So I'm been sifting through Etsy to find cuff links for my man.I love these star trooper cuff links from etsy seller Cufflinks (how perfect is that?). Tai does like Star Wars so they are a possibility.

If Tai worked at Microsoft I think these keyboard cuff links from etsy seller BeaG would be adorable. We have a love/dislike relationship with Bill's company so these aren't my first choice.
I think these from etsy seller Chicklinks rock. I'm not sure if Tai would agree but I think they are a perfect 10!
Tai does play poker but not enough for me to consider these from Cuffart.
I'm going to keep searching. Perhaps I'll find the perfect ones!

Monday, March 17, 2008


I don't wear a lot of lipstick. In fact I almost never wear lipstick. I wear chapstick. That usually covers me most of the time. I don't like lipstick because it wears off quickly. And I hate the ring it leaves around my mouth. Occasionally I wear lip gloss. My favorite Dior gloss is too sticky. Tai hates it. He doesn't like the sticky. So I need to find wedding day lipstick. Something that will fade away rather than leave any remnant behind. I'm looking for long wear lipstick.
Here are some shades I like from Clinique:
In Creamy Nude.In Honeynut.
In Honey Gloss which I think I used to wear when I was 16. I can't use Clinique. I remember wearing it in high school. That silver case reminds me of old ladies. Don't ask.
From the Sephora brand we have:Golden Rose Shimmer from their Maniac Long Wear line. For $12 might be worth a try.
From Stila, we have:Darling.
Serenade. Both are from their long wear lip color line. It say that it's like wearing lipstick and gloss all in one. Maybe, but for $18 I would rather be convinced.
I used to have LORAC's sheer wash in Sheer Emotion. It was what I liked to wear when I went out. But it's kind of a pain to apply. It cannot be applied on the fly and it's pretty matte so it needs to be followed up by a gloss. A little more than I think I can handle on my wedding day.
So ladies, what long wearing lipstick do you like? Any that I should try? I'm a pretty low maintenance gal so lip pencils, lipsticks and gloss will leave me saying forget about it. Also I kind of noticed that except for the LORAC all the colors are kind of the same so I think I'm looking for a peachy color.