Monday, March 3, 2008

Yea! Invitations!

Not only did my dress arrive Friday but so did our invites. WeddingPaperDivas worked super quickly. When I ordered the invites they said they'd be here by March 7. But they arrive almost 1 week after I ordered them.
Tai didn't want me to show them to you because we settled. But I'm pretty happy with these. True it's not like what I had in mind, but I'm pretty satisfied with the final product. Shh. Don't tell Tai I showed you all.We ordered the RSVP cards and a card listing our website in the same style. I love the borders. On the RVSP cards the colors are flipped (brown on the inside and green on the outside) and the website card is the same as this one.
I was really happy with the service I got from WeddingPaperDivas. Plus it wasn't all that expensive. I highly recommend them.


  1. too funny. Everywhere I turn these days, I am hit in the face with Weddingpaper divas! I 'm going to take it as a sign and use them too. Glad you had a good experience.


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