Monday, March 24, 2008

Places I won't be getting married

When I first started looking, I tried to look at places that were unique and affordable. I thought I would share what I found.
The City of Bothell offers a free wedding planning guide which you can find here.The Lytle House in Bothell. We would have had to rent a separate space for the ceremony. The space only held a 100 people and we would had to be out by midnight. I also originally turned it down because we couldn't have alcohol. But this would be an excellent place for an afternoon wedding.
Lynndale Park Amphitheater in Lynnwood. I found the picture here. A friend got married here last year. Tai didn't like it cause people were walking by and stopping. He felt it was too public.
The Winters House in Bellevue. Only holds 75 people. It was a little out of our budget and too small. But I think it would be an excellent place for a winter or late fall wedding because there are couches and a fireplace inside.
The Chapel at Bastyr in Kenmore. Gorgeous space but way out of our budget. But you do get a lot. I wish I would have gone to look at the space.Wallace Falls State Park near Gold Bar. There are 5 cabins there. This was our back up if our site wasn't available. But it would have been a destination wedding. It would have about an hour and half for everyone to get there. Since we wanted an evening wedding, people would have had to stay there. There wouldn't have been space for everyone so we would have had to trim our guest list.
I hope this helps someone else. If you do choose one of these places to get married, let me know.

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