About Me

The facts:
My name is Linda.
I live in the PNW (just outside Seattle, WA).
I'm married to my wonderful husband, Tai.
I love food. I enjoying cooking and sharing new recipes. All the recipes I post about are things I've made and enjoyed.  I love trying new restaurants and sometimes posting about them.
I love to read. I'm on Goodreads. Friend me! I read just about anything-young adult, nonfiction, historical fiction, fantasy, paranormal. I'm not a huge mystery fan but have read some. I don't normally accept review books but if you think it would be something I would like, email me. If it's an ebook, then don't ask me. I don't use an e-reader and the thought of reading even a short book on my computer doesn't appeal to me.
I'm also on Twitter and tweet occasionally. You can find me here.
I'm obsessed with Pinterest. Find me there
If you have a product you'd like me to review or giveaway to my readers, I'm always open to chatting about it. Gotta make sure it's a good fit. I generally don't like to post ads on my sidebar but email me and we'll chat.