Monday, December 3, 2018

September/October/November Goal Tally

  • Run/walk 4 5ks. I did my 4th 5k in September.
  • Learn to knit and crochet. No progress here.
  • Learn to use the sewing machine I bought. No progress here either. 
  • Get rid of 1000 items out of our house.  I've been clearing out our closets. I took a few loads to the thrift store. 
  • Watch 12 pre-2017 movies.  I watched Split and Unbreakable in preparation for Glass coming out next year. I watched The Fifth Element as well.
  • Get 90,000 steps at least one week a month. The last week of September was my best at 81,373.
  • Finish cleaning out the garage and move my car inside. Trying to clean out the upstairs room so I can move the camping stuff out of the garage.

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