Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Accessories for those Guys!

Tai's a little more concerned about what shirt he's going to be wearing than what tie. I honestly have no clue but I hope it needs cuff links! I've seen so many cute photos with guys in customized cuff links. I think this is a great way to bring out personality. So I'm been sifting through Etsy to find cuff links for my man.I love these star trooper cuff links from etsy seller Cufflinks (how perfect is that?). Tai does like Star Wars so they are a possibility.

If Tai worked at Microsoft I think these keyboard cuff links from etsy seller BeaG would be adorable. We have a love/dislike relationship with Bill's company so these aren't my first choice.
I think these from etsy seller Chicklinks rock. I'm not sure if Tai would agree but I think they are a perfect 10!
Tai does play poker but not enough for me to consider these from Cuffart.
I'm going to keep searching. Perhaps I'll find the perfect ones!


  1. Those Star Wars cuff links are so funny. My friend is FANATICAL. At his wedding, he and his wife were announced to the Star Wars Theme song and they had a sword arch. This would have been the best gift. I should give him a job at my wedding so that I can give him these as a gift.

  2. Teh star wars cufflinks are so cute!

    My husband wore skull cufflinks for our Halloween wedding. He felt very rock n roll.

  3. lol yeah i love the star wars ones -- Ill have them on my site too --soon! :)


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