Thursday, November 13, 2014

Awesome and Awkward Thursday


-While two out of three of my personal goals for the year are in progress, I really hoped that I'd be further along. My third goal will be complete this month and I'll share about it then. 

-My addiction to Flying Saucer Pizza. I've been searching for the best pizza and I've found it. I'd love to say it's a rare treat but I find myself there once a week. Tai loves that they have Rogue root beer on tap.


-I was able to clean out my closet and donate some too big for me clothing. Yes, one goal is weight loss and I'm making good steady progress.

-Life has been a little less crazy. I'm enjoying some more stay at home weekends. 

-Tai and I have been going to see a lot of movies lately. Last weekend we saw Big Hero Six and Interstellar. We enjoyed both and would both of them again.

What's been awkward and awesome in your life lately?


  1. I just went to see Big Hero Six today, it was super adorable, heartwarming, and sad. I loved it. What is funny... my husband I plan on going to see Intersteller on $5 Tuesday at the theater. :)

  2. I really want to see Interstellar! And I keep hearing great things about Big Hero Six. Glad to hear your recommendations of them both. And hey--having 2/3 goals accomplished isn't awkward! I'd say that's pretty awesome.


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