Monday, August 8, 2016

The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson

I don't remember how I heard about The Art of Being Normal, but I'm glad I did. Another great read.

David is a freak or so say the kids at his school. David's parents think he's gay but David is really a girl trapped in a guy's body. He desperately wants to be a girl but he doesn't know how to tell his family. Leo's new to David's school. The rumors that surround him make him sound like a monster. But David feels drawn to Leo. And when Leo stands up to David's tormentors, Leo and David start a friendship. Both boys are hiding something from everyone.

The story goes back and forth between Leo and David. Leo's a bit of a loner. David's got 2 friends who know his secret. I really liked getting to know Leo and David. I liked how their stories unfolded. I would love another book about Leo and David. Others who shared their thoughts on The Art of Being Normal: Shiny New Books, Pretty Books, and Inclusive Minds.
This is my sixth read for the LGBTQIA reading challenge.

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