Monday, October 16, 2017

Random Thoughts

-I'd been wanting to stop using plastic straws. A friend gave me a metal straw. I liked it but after a while it made my drinks taste funny. I bought silicon straws. I love these. They are tall enough for all our cups and bottles.

-I recently started playing Dungeons and Dragons. I really enjoy it and gets us out of the house. For the locals, we play at Wizard's Keep, a new game store in the area.

-I'm back doing the low carb thing but I miss chips. Especially bbq chips. They are my downfall.

-I bought a new pair of hiking socks. I love them. They fit perfectly and they were inexpensive. I bought these at Target. I also bought a pair of knee high ones. It's getting chilly here and I think they'll be perfect under my boots.

-I think that hiking might not happen again until next year. Just too damn busy. Thinking of getting a treadmill so I can keep walking.

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