Monday, February 5, 2018

January Goal Update

  • Hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail. I did talk to a coworker and nailed down what part I want to hike. She wants to do a hike in a near by area so we talked about doing it together. 
  • Learn to knit and crochet. I meant to watch a video to learn to knit but didn't. The same hiking friend offered to show me how to crochet.
  • Learn to use the sewing machine I bought. I'm attempting to recruit the same hiking friend to show me how to sew. She sure is useful. 
  • Get rid of 1000 items out of our house. I have 2 boxes of stuff to take to the thrift shop. 
  • Watch 12 pre-2017 movies. I watched Mulan. I'd never seen it before. I liked it. 
  • Get 90,000 steps at least one week a month. I was sick most of January so I didn't get close. 
  • Finish cleaning out the garage and move my car inside. Need to get more junk out of the house so I can bring the camping stuff in. 

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