Monday, October 18, 2010

Seattle Restaurant Week: Seastar

Last night, Tai and I got dressed up and had date night at Seastar in Bellevue for Seattle Restaurant Week.
This was our second visit to Seastar, but our first for dinner (last time we came for happy hour). For Restaurant Week, we were offered a 3 course meal for $25. For our first course, I got the Maytag Blue Cheese Salad:
 And Tai got the rockfish ceviche with plantain chips:
Tai really loved the salad so I switched with him. I was digging on the plantain chips so I was happy to switch.
For our entrees, I ordered the crabcakes:
 I loved the peas and beans. So yummy. The crabcakes were also delicious. Tai got the scallop pasta:
The cream sauce was fantastic. Tai wants me to learn to make it. If I did I could never leave the gym! And for dessert, I got the chocolate cake:
It was good cake. I loved the chocolate sauce too. Tai got creme brulee:
I guess he thought I would want it. But I don't like creme brulee. I've had it before but it's not my favorite dessert. Anyway, he devoured his creme brulee and deemed it delicious.
We both loved our meal at Seastar and look for to dining there again.


  1. It sounds like the restaurant week you have in Seattle is similar to the one we have in Philly. That is such a cute pic of you and Tai!

    Seastar looks great and your crabcakes look yummy!

  2. That looks awesome!!!! I so need to get that way one of these days!!!!

  3. Cute picture of you and Tai!

    All the food looks delicious. I love crabcakes - so that's what I would have ordered too!


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