Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Baking Day

This past weekend was holiday baking day. I did the majority  of my baking the night before. I figured it would be easier to get my stuff done the night before then hang out with the ladies. So Friday night, I started making my items but Jeff was over and he brought this adorable little guy:
He was underfoot the whole night. But I was using chocolate so I had to make sure he didn't get any.
I made 3 things for baking day. First up pretzel turtles:
These were so easy. A rolo on top of a pretzel with a pecan squished on top. Yum. I made tons of them. I would make these again in a heartbeat.
Next up is peppermint bark.
Someone makes this every year. There's no real recipe. I melted a combo of semi-sweet and milk chocolate, added peppermint extract when it was all melted. Then dumped it out on the parchment paper. I also melted white chocolate, added peppermint extract to it and poured a little bit to the chocolate. While it was still liquid, I took the spatula and drew lines and swirls in the chocolate to get that pattern. I took candy canes, crushed them and sprinkled them on top. Then let the whole thing sit til solid. I like to put the whole tray in the freezer. It's done faster.  One of my favorite things to do with peppermint bark is to make hot chocolate. I melt the bark in the milk and then you have peppermint hot chocolate. It's so yummy.
The third thing I made was the pumpkin pie bars. I have two friends who are gluten free so I made some gluten free just for them.
Everything was a success and I had a great day hanging out with friends and catching up!


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