Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pin It And Do It Challenge: Chicken, Mushrooms, and Artichokes in Roasted Lemon Sauce

I wanted to make a chicken dish with mushrooms and artichokes so I found this recipe. And it was exactly what I wanted.
Here's the original pin:

Here's mine:
It was very lemony. I would add the artichokes towards the end of the cooking. They soaked up the lemon juice a lot. Also I never got the sauce to really thicken, reduce yes, thicken no. But it still tasted yummy.


  1. This looks really really good! I love lemons, I mean LOVE them, so I will definitely be making this soon.

  2. Hmmmmm!!! And it has capers?! I'm definitely going to try this one. I swear--this challenge is bad for my own pinning. I start pinning all the things YOU guys do! ;)

  3. I think yours turned out pretty nice!! The whole combo sounds interesting!


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