Monday, July 13, 2015

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

I've been slumping hard. I'll read a few pages of a book, then lose interest. I've tossed aside a dozen books. I had wanted to read Saint Anything so I decided to try it. No interest lost here. I was engrossed from the beginning and kept finding time to read more.

Sydney's brother drove drunk and hit a young man. Saint Anything is about how that night as well as her brother's actions affect Sydney and her parents. Sydney isn't like her brother, Payton. Where Payton is the center of attention, Sydney fades into the background. Sydney has felt that she lives in Payton's shadow. After Payton goes to jail, Sydney decides to make some changes to her life and heads to a new school, one without Payton's shadow. Now Sydney finds real friends and a place to shine.

I loved Sydney immediately. Dessen has this ability to write characters that jump off the page and crawl into your heart. I was rooting for Sydney right away. I also loved her new friend, Layla, and their easy friendship. It's amazing how sometimes the right people find their way into your life. Dessen really shows the power of friendship and that even when you mess up, your family (biological or not) has your back.

Reading Saint Anything made me realize that I don't read enough Dessen so I'll be going through her backlist now. Others who shared their thoughts on Saint Anything: Confessions of A Book Addict, Beauty and The Bookshelf, #lovebooks, and Writing My Own Fairytale.

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