Friday, July 10, 2015

Ten Bookish Questions

10 Bookish Questions
I spotted this on Trish's blog and have been saving it for a potential post. Here we go...

1. What time of day do you typically read/do you prefer to read?
I get most of my reading on the bus ride home. I'm usually not awake enough to read on my morning commute. I also like to read while I'm making dinner and before bed.

2. What is your strangest book related obsession?
It's not an obsession but I love going to the bookstore to visit books. I'll check on my favorites and pet the ones I love. Yes, I'm a book petter.

3. Like which author do you wish you wrote?
Rainbow Rowell. I love how honest and gorgeous her books are.

4. Who do you think is the most over-rated author?
Nicolas Sparks. His books just do not appeal to me.

5. What do you think is the most over-rated book?
50 Shades of Grey series

6. Which two authors would you like to see go head to head in a word-off (like a dance-off)?
Hmm. That seems like a normal day on twitter. I love it when David Levithan, Rainbow Rowell, Kiera Cass, John Green, Maggie Stefvater, and Veronica Roth are all tweeting it up. (I have no real answer for this one)

7. I’ve always wanted to read Lord of the Rings in a cabin in the mountains or Nora Roberts in an Irish inn or The Woman in White in an abandoned asylum. What book-location pairing do you wish for?
A stack of beach reads and a beach? I've never thought about where I wanted to read something. Although I do believe some books are cold weather, wrap yourself in a blanket reading and some are sitting by a pool, drinking Daiquiris. Perhaps an historical romance set in England while in an English castle might be fun.

8. Describe your bookish self in three words.
Adventurous, enthusiastic, voracious

9. Name one of your favorite characters and what you would do with him/her if you had one day together.
Sigh. A day with Anne Shirley. We'd probably sit and read. Talk about all the same things we liked. Mourn the loss of Gilbert. 

10. If you had one extra day in the week, that nobody knew about and didn’t count, what would you with it?
I could definitely use an extra day especially one no one knew about. I would probably lay in bed all day and read. And nap.

Grab the questions and play along! I’d love to see your answers.


  1. Hmmm, a gothic novel in a creepy castle

  2. Reading before bed is the best, and love your idea of an extra day. It's perfect!

  3. I am a book petter too! No shame in it. :) I also love reading before bed, but lately I have been so tired I pass out before I can read.


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