Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Goals

New  Year, New Goals. How did I do last year? Go here.

-Train to complete STP in 2017. This is a 200+ mile bike ride over 2 days from Seattle to Portland. In order to be ready to bike 200 miles, I'm going to do 3 long rides: Living The Dream Ride, Cycle The Wave, and the Tulip Pedal. I'm excited about this goal and can't wait to start training.

-Take one dance related class a week (Zumba, pole dancing, etc). Dancing doesn't feel like exercise and I love it so I'm going to do that more.

-Continue to set aside time for myself. Continue going to the spa, get my hair cut on something of a schedule, get my nails done. That time is important.

-Clear out the clutter. Last year I worked on physical clutter. I'm going to keep working on that as well mental clutter. There's a lot of shit in my head that needs to go.

-Use up what we get in our Full Circle box each week. Every week we get an amazing box of organic produce and sometimes we don't eat it all. If we haven't finished what we have by the time I need to order again, then we don't order. Also I need to order smarter.

-Take 3 more cooking classes. I'm already signed up for one in March. I enjoyed the ones I took previously and they teach me new things.

-Expand my cooking horizons. Learn to make one Thai dish, one Korean, and one Vietnamese. I went all Asian since we are still doing the no dairy thing.

I'll note my progress each month like I did before. Let's do this!

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