Monday, February 1, 2016

Honey Girl by Lisa Freeman

I added Honey Girl to my library queue because it is was set in the 70's, featured surfing, and the main character was half Hawaiian and queer. I don't seem to read many books set in the 70's. Plus it's short length sent it shooting to the top of my list.

Nani's dad died suddenly and her mom moved them from Hawaii to California. Nani wants to fit in the local girls so her friend in Hawaii gave her a list of rules to follow. So many rules! That was probably my biggest problem with Honey Girl. The lists of rules. So many things girls weren't allowed to do-eat in front of boys, let him know you pee, cut your hair, wear certain colors. Especially since I could see this didn't fit Nani. She was awesome in her own right but these rules made her hide her awesomeness. But slowly Nani realized what was important. It was kind of a coming of age story.

Nani and the other girls don't surf but they know a lot about surfing in order to attract surfer boys. There's plenty of surfer talk but if you are looking for cool surfer girls, this isn't the book. I did enjoy the 70's feel of the book. I also liked Nani's realizations about her sexual feelings towards boys and girls. It all felt natural and not forced. I'd read more of Freeman's books. Others who shared their thoughts on Honey Girl: Rather Be Reading YA, In Bed With Books, and The Bibliophilic Book Blog.
This is the first book I read for the LGBTQIA reading challenge.


  1. Sound like a book I would enjoy, but maybe one I'll borrow from the library. Nice review! :)


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