Monday, February 8, 2016

January Goal Update

How did I do on my goals in January?

Overall, poorly. We bought a house (yay!) but it made it hard to do anything else.

-Train to complete STP in 2017. Haven't made any progress.

-Take one dance related class a week (Zumba, pole dancing, etc). I was sick for most of January so gym time was nil.

-Continue to set aside time for myself. Again, between the house and being sick, I got nothing.

-Clear out the clutter. I did good one the physical clutter. Sorting through our stuff to pack generated some boxes of stuff to get rid of.

-Use up what we get in our Full Circle box each week. I've been a lot better about this one. Work in progress.

-Take 3 more cooking classes. Saw a class I wanted to take but timing didn't work. I'll probably put this off until after the move.

-Expand my cooking horizons. Haven't even thought about what I'll make.

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