Friday, July 1, 2016

Five On Friday

Tai bought an Echo a while ago but we were waiting til we moved to unbox it. I love it. She tells me the weather, plays my playlists, looks up stuff for me on the internet. Pretty cool.

I love yoga. But I haven't done it in months. I haven't found a studio I like. I need to just find a way to do it. My body and mind need it.

I love Timehop. It's an app that shows you what happened on the same day years before. It syncs with Swarm so I know where I went, with Instagram so I can see pictures, with Facebook and twitter so I can posts and pics. It's pretty fun.

Rainier Cherries
Tai and I are  crazy about Rainiers. We've been eating some every night. I'll be sad when the season is over.

Fuzzy Socks
I have a dozen pairs of fuzzy socks. I love to wear them around the house. I hate sleeping without socks and these are fun and comfy.

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