Monday, July 11, 2016

Gena/Finn by Hannah Moskowitz and Kat Helgeson

I spotted Gena/Finn on one of those must read YA lists. I'm glad I did. Gena/Finn hit on so many things I like in a book-love, a fandom, mental health issues. A fantastic book for older teens and adults about so many life issues.

Gena is a senior in high school. She's looking forward to college. College will be better than high school. No one gets Gena in high school. Finn has moved to California to be with her boyfriend. Finn isn't sure this what she wants but she really isn't sure what she wants. Both Gena and Finn are fans of the tv show, Up Below, about 2 cops. Gena and Finn bond through the miracle of the internet about their love of Up Below. Gena writes fan fiction and Finn draws the characters. Slowly both start talking about their lives beyond Up Below and become best friends.

I loved that the story was written through emails, texts, blog posts, and journal entries. It felt very appropriate for this story. I really liked both Gena and Finn. They felt very relatable to me. I had a hard time putting Gena/Finn down. I wanted to see where things were going. I wanted to hear more of their stories. I would recommend Gena/Finn. Others who shared their thoughts on Gena/Finn: Books for A Delicate Eternity, Pretty Deadly Reviews, and Rocket Reads.

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