Monday, September 12, 2016

Cheesemonger: A Life on The Wedge by Gordon Edgar

I added Cheesemonger to my library queue because I was looking for a good book written about cheese. Of all the food books I've read, I've never read a book about cheese. Cheesemonger is part history of cheese, part political activism, part memoir. It was all good.

I do have to say Cheesemonger made me hungry. It was all I could do at times not to rush to the store and buy all the cheese. Edgar does talk about some cheeses and man, I wanted that cheese. Edgar talks about his pre-Rainbow, pre-cheese life as a punk activist. Tired of being arrested, he went to work employee owned Rainbow co-op in San Francisco. His political activism followed him and he talked about food politics. At the end of each chapter, he gives a description about one or two cheeses that he mentioned in the chapter. Gives a little more background as well as similar cheeses in case you can't find that one at your local store. Edgar does a great job of making fancy cheeses more accessible. I would love to go to Rainbow and see him work. Check out his blog. Lots of information on cheese!

Cheesemonger was fun look at working retail, selling cheese, finding cheeses that meet your consumer base. Great behind the scenes look. Others who shared their thoughts on Cheesemonger: The Kitchn, Foreword Reviews, and Panorama of the Mountains.
This is my first read for the Foodies Read Challenge.

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