Monday, October 3, 2016

Two Very Different Love Stories (Two Quick Reviews)

Ockler's books on my tbr list. I think I picked up The Summer of Chasing Mermaids a couple of times before actually reading it. Elyse came to this sleepy Oregon town following an accident that left her with no voice. All of Elyse's dreams were dashed. Christian is the golden boy but he's deeply unhappy. When Elyse and Christian meet they realize that perhaps they can find a plan B. This book wasn't like a lot of YA love stories. Sure, pretty girl meets hot guy, sparks fly. I felt like this was much more adult. Elyse and Christian get caught up in town politics. I felt like the sex scenes were more adult. Elyse talks about masterbating which I don't think I've read in a YA book. I'll be picking up more of Ockler's books.

Make It Count was highly recommended on Goodreads. I usually don't like New Adult books. I've tried a few but not enjoyed any of them. But Make It Count had a little more depth which I really enjoyed. Kat struggles in school. She wants to graduate college but her classes give her a lot of trouble. Kat get matched with a new tutor, her boyfriend's nerdy best friend, Alec. Alec is just looking to get through his senior year. He doesn't need Kat to upend his life. I liked that both Alec and Kat weren't perfect. Both had a lot going on in their lives. I liked that they helped each other. I'll read more of Erickson's books.

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