Monday, July 3, 2017

June Goal Update

Prepare to do something physically challenging in 2018. I think I decided on my physical challenge for 2018. Now to start training for it. 

Be able to park my car in the garage by December 31, 2017. No new update here. Still working on it. But I feel like I need to clear out stuff from the house to bring more in. 

Add yoga back into my life at least once a week. Taiki and I started doing yoga at home together. We've been doing it once a week but want to do it more. 

One hour a day without technology (no phone, no computer, no tv). Still doing good on this one. 

Add more art into my life. I stopped by an art gallery at the Seattle Center. They had a mix of painting, photography, and sculpture. 

Get back to meal planning. It's going good. 

June monthly goal: Make something on my loom (either a hat or a scarf). I made 2 hats and am working on a scarf.  I post a lot about my project (as well as pictures of the dog and food I cook) on Instagram. Follow me @sillylittlelinda. 

July Goal: Keep the 3 herbs I planted (rosemary, mint, and lavender) alive. 

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