Friday, September 29, 2017

Weekend Cooking: Cork Dork by Bianca Boker

I grabbed Cork Dork off the library shelf because I love learning more about wine (and food and other beverages too). I also love food related memoirs. So Cork Dork really hit out of the park for me. I loved Bosker's writing style and enjoyed reading about her adventure.

Bosker is a wine civilian. She enjoys a glass with dinner, buys wines that liked, and tries new wines sometimes with friends. But she can't really describe the flavors of wine or describe the wine beyond it's wine. But she meets a man who is studying for a sommelier competition which causes her to search exactly what sommeliers do, how they are trained, and how the compete and win these competitions. Bosker challenges herself to go from wine novice to master sommelier in a year. Cork Dork follows her journey.

I enjoy a glass of wine occasionally. I tend to like reds but I've had a few whites surprise me. Basically, Bosker learns smelling more and learning to identify more smells will help her taste wine better. So I took her advice. I walk around smelling more. It sounds crazy but it's amazing how much you miss. I work in a very urban environment. Some smells aren't things I want to smell like garbage and stinky people. But I made note of everything I smelled and tried to describe it. I noticed that I could taste food better. I haven't been able to have any wine lately, too busy. Bosker really encourages folks to try more wines. Don't drink the same thing all the time. Ask for recommendations. Try something new.

Definitely a good read. Give as a gift with a bottle of wine. Others who shared their thoughts about Cork Dork: Decanter, Wine on VI, and Terroirist.
This is my fifth read for the Foodies Read Challenge.

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