Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fit to Be Tied

Hahaha. Today's post is about ties. Mr A and I have been talking about the guys are going to wear for the wedding. We decided a while ago no tuxes. But rather black suits. I kind of worried about how that would look with brown dresses but I've seen plenty of pictures with brown dresses and black suits or tuxes to believe it will be fine.

I want the guys to wear brown or coordinating ties to somewhat match the girls. I need to talk to J since he wears a suit everyday. He'll be able to help me choose something appropriate. But I decided to look and see what ties are available.

BTW, I found all of these at Neckties.com.

The brown is not as bold as I would like with this one, but I like the different light browns and since the girls have a champange bit at the bottom of their dresses I thought this would coordinate nicely.

This one is more subtle. I would have to see it in person.

Plain brown is always an option.

I want Mr A to wear pink since my dress is pink. I would have to match the tie to dress though.

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  1. I love the pink tie with the dark brown (?) tie. Is Mr. A. willing to wear a pink tie? I had a hard time convincing Mark that his tie had to at least have pink in it. His mom bought the ties (the groomsmen ties are black with thin silver stripes.. which I love!) and told him he has to wear it since she paid for it lol.


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