Monday, November 19, 2007

From a thankful bus rider

I thought this week I would blog about things I'm thankful for. I thought I would highlight things that are slightly out of the norm, but things that make a difference in my life. So today's post is about the Seattle Transit Tunnel.
(stolen from Wikipedia) I commute to Seattle from a suburb everyday. I did drive but it was so expensive. Park, gas, oh my! Shortly after I took this job they closed the bus tunnel for 2 years. My commute was ruined. It took me 20 extra minutes in the morning and sometimes more than 30 extra minutes in the afternoon especially if there was a baseball game. Now all that has changed!

My commute is so much faster. I get home so much faster now. I am really glad that they finally opened the bus tunnel. Thank you! I am looking forward to light rail. Especially if it comes to the Eastside!

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