Monday, November 26, 2007

Tradition, Schmdition

Ok, time to talk about the wedding. That's what I started this blog for right? But things have been kind of slow on the wedding front. Not a whole lot's been going on. I got my dress but haven't taken it to get altered. I figure I'll do that in February. I did buy mints and some ribbon from a girl I met on Craigslist. They were super cheap too. I'm still looking for wicker baskets and metal buckets but not finding anything at a good price.
I finished the Save the Dates and they are ready to be mailed out in the holiday cards next week. I told Mr A that he has to get my computer cleaned off so I can load MS Office. I bought Office so I can make the invitations easier. I can load graphics and fonts on my faster computer then take them to Dad's to print on his color printer. I asked Mr A to finish working on my computer by the end of the year.
I'm taking most of this month off from wedding related projects. If I have time to kill I can work on the boutonnière which are proving harder than those instructions looked. I'm still also looking for ribbon and trying to get ideas for the bridesmaid's gifts (Oh, I won't blog about those til after M and Mrs W get them since they now read my blog).
Sorry, back to the topic of this post, tradition. With the holidays I've been thinking about what traditions we follow and which ones we don't. Neither Mr A or I are religious. I really celebrate consumer Christmas (although we are trying to cut back this year) and I light the menorah. Mr A does celebrate Christmas sort of. We don't have a tree. I prefer real trees and I don't want to spend the money nor have needles all over the carpet. Mr A really doesn't care.
But with our wedding, I was thinking of all the traditions we are skipping:
-I'm not carrying a bouquet. I'm going to be walking with my dad and he's unsteady on his feet. I rather have both hands free in case. When I get up to the alter, I want to hold Mr A's hand. So I don't see when I'll carry it, so I don't see any point in spending the cash for one. M and Mrs W will have bouquets so they have something to hold during the ceremony.
-My dress is pink. No not shocking pink, but pale pink so it's not the traditional colors (white or ivory).
-I'm not wearing a veil. I've gotten a lot of crap from saleswomen at bridal stores. No veil and they still want to plunk one on my head!
-No bouquet toss. I don't have a bouquet so can't toss it. Plus we don't have a lot of single female friends so I don't want to make it awkward for anyone.
-No garter toss. Same thing, not a lot of single guys.
-No father/daughter dance or mother/son dance. My dad hates dancing and he's unsteady on his feet so I think it really wouldn't work. And at this point Mr A's folks won't be at the wedding.
But we are traditional in other ways.
-Yes, my dad is walking me down the aisle. I feel it's an important way to include him. He's accompanied through my journey this far and I want him to help me through this part too. I won't have them ask about who's giving me away and such. That's the nice thing about writing your own ceremony. Leave out what you don't want.
-We're having a first dance and I'm thinking about adding an anniversary dance for all the couples after our dance.
I guess the rest of the wedding is pretty traditional-dinner, dancing. We're still working out the details of the ceremony.
I'll post the Save the Dates once they get mailed out.

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  1. We're skipping a lot of things too. Mark's family isn't into the music and dancing parts (Those things aren't part of the apostolic weddings) so we're going to sorta make it seem like the dinner and the dancing part of the reception are separate, so whoever wants to just leave after dinner doesn't feel obligated to stay.

    We're not doing the garter toss mostly because it isn't appropriate. Bouquet toss.. maybe. I didn't even think about the amount of single females. There won't be many, so we may not do that.

    We're not doing the bridal party dance or parents dances I don't think. I like the anniversary dance idea though, so we'll probably do that. No dollar dance (I'm not even sure what the point of that dance is)

    No blusher veil for me. No alcohol at the reception.

    I'm thinking I'm leaving things out.. but if I am, you probably already seen them when you've been at my blog :)

    (I've probably said all this stuff in my own blog lol)


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