Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dane Cook Cracks Me Up

When Tai saw one of Dane Cook's comedy shows with Jeff he insisted I watch it too. I'd seen Dane Cook before and failed to see why he was funny. But since my honey insisted I gave it a try. Ah the things we do for love. But I love it. We watch it over and over again and quote him frequently. Here are some of my favorites. These are not safe for work and could be offensive, so watch at your own risk.

This is probably the worst one but so worth it to me for the Mortal Kombat reference.

Tai and I use this insult all the time when we're being silly. Never fails to make us both laugh.
And I couldn't get this one to embed but here's the link. And this one is so true for us. We reenact this part every time we got to the movies.

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  1. My 18-year-old loves Dane so I've watched all of these a million times. He cracks me up too!


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