Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fun Food Meme

So, here it is, 7 things you didn’t realize you needed to know about me and food…

1. I hate tuna casserole. When I was a kid, I  caught the flu right after eating it for the first time. It wasn't the casserole, but I still associate it with being sick.
2. I usually don't eat leftovers. I will eat pizza, Chinese and Thanksgiving turkey leftovers. Tai will eat all our leftovers so no food goes to waste usually.
3. I'd never had real mayo til I went to college. Mom used Miracle Whip my whole life. But when I got to college, they didn't have Miracle Whip so I tried real mayo. I love it and refuse to use anything else.
4. I love trying new foods and look for opportunities to try something new. But if I am hungry, I lose all rational thought and only want bread or a cheeseburger. Or both.
5. I don't like tomatoes on my sandwich only cause they tend to make sandwiches soggy. But I usually like tomatoes in all other situations except for in spinach salads. Yucky combo in my mind.
6. I like veggies that most people don't-brussel sprouts, beets, cabbage, etc. I can't think of a vegetable I don't like.
7. I love all types of Asian cuisine-Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. When I went to college in a tiny Ohio town there was no Thai and I was seriously into Pad Thai back then. Four long years with no Pad Thai, no Pho, no Sushi, no Korean short ribs. I'd come home on breaks and eat as much Asian food as I could.


  1. My mom is the EXACT same way with leftovers, down to what she will eat. Whereas I happily eat leftovers all week! lol

    I prefer my leafy green salads without any other veggies, lol-I'd rather add nuts or fruit to them. And I love all veggies like you. :D And Asian food-so magical! lol

  2. I don't like eating leftovers much either while I think my husband would eat nothing but for half the week.

  3. I'm totally into leftovers. I hate seeing food go to waste, so I don't mind eating them at all.

    Also, I have never had beets. But I do like most all veggies! I think I pretty much like them all to some degree except for peas. I really don't like peas at all, unless they're mixed in with something like a tuna casserole (which I like!!). ;-)

  4. That was a fun meme to read!! I hate Miracle Whip!! love tuna noodle casserole!!

  5. I am with you on #4. I can stick to my diet pretty well when I want to, but if my blood sugar is low, I don't care what it is, I will eat it and usually at that point I will overindulge.


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