Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Truth About My TRB List

Often you'll see me refer to my tbr(to be read) list. Usually in comments I'll say something like "Adding that to my tbr now" or "It's on my tbr list." I'm usually referring to this, a Google doc, where I store all my books and usually who to blame:

At last count I wasn't to a 100 yet. Ignore the formatting, it's meaningless. I usually copy and paste from the blog to this document. These are the books I'm supposed to read when I'm done with the Fill In The Gaps Challenge. But these books and others creep in my library loot.
If I see a book that I want to read NOW, I will put it in my library queue and hope to get to it when it comes in. This usually gets me in trouble and why I have to reloot regularly. I try to put books on this list so I can come back to them later insuring I will remember them. Occasionally I'll browse the shelves at the library and find a book from here and get it. Which is why browsing is dangerous, kids. I'll over commit myself and wind up relooting this way too. It's all a vicious cycle, showing you just how addicted I am. Also shows you why I don't buy books. I can't imagine having that many books around our apartment (I know a lot of you do). But I need a place to sit and Tai enjoys being able to see the tv.
How do you keep track of your to be read books?


  1. Oh my, I saw my name a lot there, seems I am to blame for some good books ;)

  2. It is a vicious cycle but oh so fun!!!

  3. I use an Excel spreadsheet but have only recently added a column for which blogger/website I found about the book from. It all started a couple of years ago when I downloaded the 1001 Books spreadsheet, which can be found here


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