Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scallop Gumbo

I finally made Bittman's Scallop Gumbo. I had no idea how hard it was make a roux. I stood there for 20 minutes stirring the butter, oil and flour together waiting for it to get brown. But then I realized since I use fake butter it probably would never change color. It tasted so yummy any way. Tai missed the sausage and prawns so if I make it again I would add those and make it a more traditional gumbo. It was time consuming (overall took close to an hour and half), but not difficult.


  1. Oh this looks delicious!!! Especially right now because I'm working on 1500 calories/day....

  2. LOL!!
    That's totally something I would do with the roux.
    Yes, they are time consuming, that's generally why I don't cook them from scratch - although I made a pretty good red beans & rice in the crock pot last week!!

  3. I've made a roux once. And still have a scar left on my arm to prove it! I'm glad you were able to make it work, and do think that gumbo looks delicious.


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