Monday, August 9, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

The lovely Lisa gave me this award-the Beautiful Blogger award! To accept the award, I am supposed to tell you ten things about me. So, here are 10 things about me!

1. I've lived within 20 miles of the house I grew up in for the last 11 years.

2. I went to college in a tiny town in Ohio.

3. Going away to college was the furthest I'd ever been from home with my parents in my life.

4. I have a half brother who is 16 years older than me.

5. I have an overactive imagination and get scared easily by scary books and movies.

6. I have a tendency to multi-task much to the dismay of my husband. I constantly watch tv, while surfing the internet or make dinner with a book in hand. This drives him batty.

7. I have a hard time sitting still. I have to be really engrossed in what I'm doing to not thinking about a million other things I could be doing.

8. Working in a library would be my dream job. I'm looking for opportunities to make that happen!

9. I'm a pretty sound sleeper. Once I'm out you could have a party and I would be none the wiser!

10. I haven't been cooking a whole lot lately. We both have shakes 3 nights a week. Thursday I usually grab something while running Tai to volleyball. Fridays and the weekends we are on the run, meeting friends or being completely lazy. I miss cooking but don't want to change my schedule.


  1. Tsk, men ;) They do not understand the principle of multitasking, i love it

  2. i have a half brother who is 15 years younger than me!

  3. I have a ridiculously overactive imagination too!

  4. Congratulations on your award. It is well deserved. =)

    I would love to work in a library, too. Although I'd probably end up fired because I'd get caught reading in the aisles. ;)


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