Friday, August 13, 2010

Faith 21

I wrote about Faith 21(Forever 21's plus size shop) a while ago. I considered ordering some items but I kept hearing that the clothes ran small. I decided to wait and see if they brought any clothing to my local store. The one in Northgate does have a fairly decent selection but when I was in Portland I bought a couple of things from Faith 21.
This lace top. I love lace and have been wanting an all lace top. Looking forward to wearing it soon.
Ignore the post workout hair and the fact I still have my gym pants on! I guess the consider this a dress. It's a little short for me so I think I'll wear it with slim jeans.

 These are some other shirts I'm drooling over. Overall I was pretty happy with their clothes. I usually wear a 20-22 top and I bought both tops in 3x. The dress is plenty comfy and the tank is a little roomy (might have been able to buy a smaller size). Have you tried Faith 21? What do you think of their clothes?

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  1. I love the top you got! Love the print! Glad the clothes fit well.


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