Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Favorite Food Posts

I love food. I love to eat. I love to cook. I love to grocery shop. If it involves food, I'll be there. Here are some of my favorite food posts of the last 3 years.

Yummy Cheese-Ashley, Marta and I went to the Art Restaurant to try their all you can eat cheese bar. I highly recommend this if you are ever in the Seattle area.
Baked Lemon Chicken-This is one of my favorite chicken dishes. I love the yummy lemon sauce.
The Time I Made Risotto-I'm so proud I made risotto once. Sadly I haven't attempted to make it again!
La Carta De Oaxaca-For ladies' night out we tried this fantastic restaurant in Ballard. I have since taken Tai there. He loved it and I see us venturing back there again.
Cabbage Mint Salad-A Tai favorite. I make this all the time.
Jennifer's Easter Soup-I'm looking forward to Easter to eat this again!
Sukiyaki-Tai had wanted me to learn how to make this traditional Japanese dish and I complied. I love to make it on chilly winter nights.
Churrascaria-The first and only time Tai and I have made it to a churrascaria. Someday we'll go to another one.
John McCain's Ribs-my go to rib recipe. I love them!
Dairy-free Quiche and Cheesecake-I attempt to make dairy free options for Tai when I can. I enjoy attempting to recreate his favorite dishes.

I'm hoping that this fall/winter I'll have more time to cook and maybe take a cooking class or two. Plus I'll be trying some more fantastic Seattle area restaurants and sharing my thoughts on them.

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  1. I'm with you... I love to eat too! Food is magical and can invoke memories and so much more!


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