Thursday, January 13, 2011

Entre Nous: A Woman's Guide To Finding Her Inner French Girl by Debra Olliver

I added Entre Nous to my to be read list sometime ago but I can't remember where I heard about it. I'm kind of on a French kick right now so I was glad to read about how to find my inner French girl. But I was disappointed by Entre Nous. The book is broken up into sections-Home Life, Food, Parties, Love Life. But I really felt that each section was way too long. I wish Ollivier would have told the story as a memoir rather than a how to manual.
I did enjoy some of the tips like eating in season, shopping every day for your meals, buying the best you can afford rather than a bunch of stuff on sale. Ollivier spends a lot of time talking about the French women she knows so she's drawing examples from a limited number of people. Although she does talk about some great French films and books.
In all it was cute and light. This is the second book I read for The Original TBR challenge. Others who have posted their thoughts on Entre Nous:  Dwell In Possibility, Rose City Reader and The Breakfast Club Blog.


  1. This book sounds a lot more fun than the book I'm reading about, which has to do with Russian Foreign Policy.

  2., not the book for me.
    Hm, what else should I say, mm baguettes

  3. Too bad that it wasn't written more as a memoir!! But it does sound like there were some highlights right!


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