Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Heart The Dollar Store

I love cheap stores. Dollar Tree, Grocery Outlet, Big Lots, I love them all. But today I'm going to talk about what I buy at the Dollar Tree. Since there isn't a Dollar Tree close to me, I usually make a special trip to pick up these items:
Both Tai and I use these bath sponges. They tend go south after about a month. Even the fancy ones from Bath and Body Works don't last forever. I buy 10 at a time to make sure I don't need to make another Dollar Tree run or buy an expensive one from the grocery store.
I prefer to use fresh spices but I like to keep dried ones on hand. I don't taste any difference between the Dollar Tree spices and the stuff at the grocery store so I rather save my money for where I'll notice it.
Sometimes I'm really lucky and find the 1 lb box of kosher salt at the Dollar Tree. But again it's the same thing and often the same brand as your grocery store.
And while you are there check out their food selection. I've bought Top Ramen, juices, chips, candy, snacks at the Dollar Store. Just check out the sell by date which might be coming up and judge for yourself if you'll use it.
I also like to buy storage baskets. I buy them cheap especially ones that might go under the sink or in a closet. There I don't mind they are an odd color. But I've had great luck with their baskets and they have tons of sizes.
Dollar Tree is also fantastic for parties. I go there for plates, napkins, party decor, glasses. Plus you can order large quantities online so no schlepping home a dozen glasses!
What do you buy at the Dollar Store?

I realized that this seems like an ad for Dollar Tree. They didn't compensate me for this post. I honestly just love Dollar Tree.


  1. I love dollar stores too!! We have a story by my house called Tuesday Mornings, and it has low-priced things, knick-knacks and craft items. I'm sure you'd love it! :)

  2. I always buy wrapping paper/bags, tissue paper, and cards at the dollar store.


  3. All gift wrapping supplies and holiday decorations. We also cruise by the cleaning supplies and perhaps the snack section too. Okay, we cruise through every aisle. :)

  4. I love it when you find a great Dollar Store..it's always fun to see what treasures you can find!


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