Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Slow Cooker Tuesday-Steak in Mushroom Sauce with Fauxtatoes

So I've decided to post my slow cooker recipes on Tuesdays, hence the name Slow Cooker Tuesday. I'm a genius.
I had a flank steak I needed to cook so I poked around the interwebs to find this recipe: Flank Steak in Mushroom Sauce. It was a winner cause I had all the ingredients at home and I didn't have to sear the meat before tossing it the crockpot. But I discovered that I had NY Steaks that needed to be used first and the flank steak could wait for another meal. So I substituted NY steaks for the flank. I had the steak in the slow cooker for about 12 hours and it was perfect. I don't think you'd lose much if you only had 8-10 hours though.
And what the heck are fauxtatoes? Well, Tai and I are playing around with a low carb diet (no white bread, pasta or potatoes). While reading a low carb cookbook, I came across the fauxtato recipe, basically mashed cauliflower with butter made to resemble mashed potatoes. See?
Ok this whole meal was a winner. The meal was melt in your mouth yummy. The fauxtatoes were a real hit. I can't wait to make them again.

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  1. That does look wonderful. My husband would never go for the fauxtatoes but I would!


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