Friday, October 26, 2012

Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

My friend, Jen, loaned me Gathering Blue, the next in The Giver Quartet since she saw I read The Giver. I'm so glad she did. I loved Gathering Blue.
Kira lives in a community that shuns those who are disabled. Kira has a bad leg which requires her to use a cane. When a child is born with a disability, Kira's community leaves them to die in The Field. But Kira's mom saved her. After Kira's mom passes away, Kira's place in her community is vulnerable.
I really liked Kira. She was strong and proud. It really made think about how we treat people with disabilities. Kira's community didn't think those with disabilities could be productive members of society. Obviously since they left any disabled person to die in The Field. But Kira has a gift, one her community has been waiting for. Kira becomes special to her community and given an elevated status. But when she is sheltered from the community at large, is she any better off?
Just like The Giver, Gathering Blue really made me think. How do we decided who has value in a community? How do we exclude those that we think have less or no value? Are we selling some people short? Should we look at how we define value? The thing I liked about Gathering Blue is that it makes you think but doesn't give you answers. I had a ton of questions at the end but was left to draw some of my own conclusions.
Overall, I enjoyed Gathering Blue and would definitely recommended it. I read Messenger, the next in The Giver quartet and will be reviewing it soon. Others who shared their thoughts on Gathering Blue: Jules' Book Review, The Written World, Owl Read It, and Everlilly.Net


  1. I loved the Giver and I've read Gathering Blue, but don't remember much about it except that I was in San Francisco, I was cold, and I had a terrible stomach ache. And now I can't remember if I've read the Messenger. Probably worth a second go if it's by Lois Lowry, though!

  2. This one was a favorite of mine. I have to read her newest, Son!!

  3. I really liked Gathering Blue. I read it back in college, and in someways liked it better than The Giver. (I read them back to back.) I still haven't read the next two in the series, but hope to eventually find time for them.


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