Friday, October 5, 2012

Throne of The Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed

I picked up Throne of The Crescent Moon because I heard it was fantasy set in a Middle Eastern setting. I enjoy fantasy but so much of it is too English for me sometimes. I was glad I did because it was an great read.
The story starts with Dr Adoulla Makhslood and his assistant, Raseed, enjoying a moment's peace between hunts for ghuls. Adoulla is the last real ghul hunter. He uses magic to hunt and kill ghuls. Raseed is a dervish, a spiritual man devoted to killing those who follow the Treacherous Angel's path. Quickly Adoulla and Raseed are given the task of avenging the death of a family. They head out to the desert and meet, Zamia, a young woman who's band was recently murdered. Zamia has a special gift and she joins Adoulla and Raseed with their quest which happens to be the same as hers.
I enjoyed the detail that Ahmed brought to the story. Even if you have very little knowledge of Middle Eastern cultures, you'll understand the story and its setting quickly. I enjoy how the characters  was described.
Overall great high fantasy. Others who shared their thoughts on Throne of The Crescent Moon: Fixed On Fantasy, A Striped Armchair, Another Book Review, Speculative Book Review, and A Fantasy Reader.


  1. The cover looks like YA or that the case? I like books that take place in the Middle East too so this may be one I would enjoy!


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