Monday, October 29, 2012

Pin It And Do It Challenge: The Catch Up Post

So I've been making some of my pins but been lax on posting them. So here's what've been up to.

I pinned these cookies because they looked good. I made them for 2 different parties.
The original pin:

Here are mine:
They are delicious. Mine were flatter than hers. She does mention that humidity affects the cookies and make them flatter.

It quickly became fall around here. I love making soup. I had my eye on making this beef barley soup:

But I didn't like some of the ingredients. I left out the corn, bell pepper, and onion. But it was delicious anyway.
It made it tons. We had few bowls the day of and plenty of leftovers. I would definitely make it again.

I love roasted potatoes so when I spotted this recipe, I knew I had to make it.
Here's the original pin:

Here's mine:
So tasty. We really liked this one. It takes some time. It's not a weeknight dish but worth the effort on a weekend.

Plus the four other dishes I made, I did 7 pins this month. All food pins, no crafts pins :(


  1. Your soup sounds yummy! I would definitely eat anything you made!

  2. You did a great job with the Pins and actually following through and making so many of them. I love the look of your cookies so much bettter than the original cookies and the soup is one that I would make for sure!


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