Thursday, March 7, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

-Getting adjusted to our new (rental) house. So much to do!!
-I hit a wall on Monday and couldn't unpack one more box. I was so frustrated that I nearly pitched everything in the trash. It's been better since then.
-The amount of money I have spent in the last 4 days at the grocery store, Target, and Costco. Budget, what budget?

-Trader Joe's Flounder with Crab Meat Stuffing. Delicious. Both Dad and I can't wait to eat it again.
-Truly high speed internet and great cell phone reception in our new place. 
-The support of our friends and family. I can't thank our friends enough for coming and helping us move. It was huge. 

What's been awkward and awesome for you this week?


  1. I love that feeling of sleeping in a brand new place. Nothing is too familiar or routine.

    This week's awkward has been how self-conscious I feel at the grocery store. I was picking up some sparkling water and altoids at the grocery store. No other items. I get the same 6am checkout woman everytime. I am waiting for her to say something like, "Dude, altoids again. You got bad breath or something?"

    This week's awesome has been the couple sunny days we have had. Driving around with the windows down and feeling that warm energy radiate. Yayaw!

    Glad your move went well!

  2. I hate it when spending seems to get out of control!!! It will settle down once you're all settled in your new home!!!

  3. Wow big changes in your world, Linda! I'm sure you'll enjoy your new space in time.. as things settle down. As long as the kitchen is unpacked .. and the bathroom stuff is where it should be.. and your clothes are in drawers.. everything else will fall together with a little time.

    I've had that stuffed flounder in the past. It is pretty yummy. :)


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