Monday, April 29, 2013

The Proposal by Mary Balogh

I heard about The Proposal from Shelf Talk. I figured I would enjoy The Proposal since it was set in England and it featured an opposites attract story line. The Proposal wasn't bad but nothing to remember.
Gwen's been widowed these past seven years. She's perfectly content on her own. She travels to see a friend, a recent widow. While visiting said friend, Gwen stumbles, twisting her ankle. Hugo happens to be near by and assists Gwen to the home of his friends. Gwen is a Lady. Hugo is an ex-military officer who has been given a title. Hugo feels it's his duty to marry and assist his younger half-sister in finding a place in society. Despite the fact that both Hugo and Gwen know that a relationship between them would never last, they find themselves drawn to each other.
Both Gwen and Hugo have baggage. Like whole luggage carts of baggage. And they both think this baggage should keep them from ever being with someone. Slowly they put down and examine their baggage and determine that not all of it is worth keeping. I liked that they both became safe places for each other and that Hugo's friends helped both of see that they could find a future together.
The story was engaging. I did enjoy The Proposal but there was nothing new. It's been a few days since I finished it and I'm having trouble remembering some of the details.  It would be a great vacation read. A lovely romance. Others who shared their thoughts on The Proposal: Book City Girl, A Girl, Books, and Other Stuff, and Smexy Books.
This was my sixth read for the Historical Reading Challenge.


  1. I remember seeing this one around and wanting to read it .D

  2. Oh, I was so hoping that this would be a great read for you!!!!!!!!!


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