Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Characters or Literary Figures I'd Name My Children After

Top Ten Tuesday 
is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. 

Today's Topic: It's a Rewind so I choose Book Characters or Literary Figures I'd Name My Children After

Sara-A Little Princess
One of my favorites growing up. I loved how plucky and determined Sara was. Those are traits I'd want in a little girl.
October-The October Daye series
I love the idea of naming kids after months. October can easily be Toby. 
Gansey-The Raven Boys
Ok, so this is his last name but I like Gansey for a first name. 
Niall-The Wicked Lovely Series
I love the name Naill. Plus I adore his character in the Wicked Lovely series. 
Cricket-Lola And The Boy Next Door
I just love how the name Cricket rolls off the tongue. It makes me smile.
Charlotte-Charlotte's Web
I loved the name Charlotte so much when I was growing up. I even named my not-Cabbage Patch doll Charlotte. 
Veruca-Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Another one that I love how it sounds. Veruca. I would hope my child wouldn't be like Veruca but I still like the name.
Arwen-Lord of The Rings trilogy
Kind of cheating with this one since I haven't read LOTR but I love the name from the movies.
Marian-Robin Hood
This is my preferred spelling of Marian. I've seen it many different ways but I like it this way. 
Rhett-Gone With The Wind
Growing up with Jeffs and Peters, Rhett was pretty exotic. I thought it sounded manly. Or maybe just Clark Gable was.

What are your favorite possible baby names from books?


  1. I like that you don't shy away from unusual names. Some people really hate on the weirdness of names in the YA world, but I don't mind it all since my name is a bit unusual. Oh, and I never thought about how Toby could be short for October! Clever.

  2. October would be so cool, but I doubt BF would agree

  3. Charlotte is one of mine too- but after The Lottie Project.

    Lily- from Harry Potter

    Lyra- from His Dark Materials.

    No boys names strangely.

    Not to put you off but at least in the UK a veruca is a type of wart you get on your foot

  4. Unusual names are so cool, but then I worry my child would get bullied! Great list.

  5. Very cool choices!! I love Rhett!


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