Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekend Cooking: The Kitchen Diaries by Nigel Slater

I added The Kitchen Diaries to my library queue after reading about it on Cooking with Amy. I definitely want to cook more seasonally and this book is devoted to that.
The Kitchen Diaries follows a year of Nigel's life. All the meals are what he ate the day he writes about them. I had no idea who Nigel was at the time of getting the book. Nigel Slater is a British food writer and he hosts food cooking shows primarily in England. The recipes in The Kitchen Diaries vary between fussy and this is what was in the cupboard. I mainly read March and April and leafed through the rest of the year. I saw some foods I'll want to make when the time is right. The Kitchen Diaries will wind up on my cookbook shelf at some point.
I decided I wanted to try my hand at one of his recipes. I selected the Mustard Lamb Chops. I don't cook lamb often. In fact, I think the last time I had lamb was 2 or 3 years ago. Tai loves lamb but I don't often come across recipes for it. But I decided this was the perfect time to make lamb.
The recipe is incredibly easy. Mix coarse mustard with minced garlic, the juice of a lemon, and olive oil. Stir til a thick paste is formed. Marinated the chops for a hour or two. Broil for 5 minutes on both sides. The meat should still be pretty pink inside but let it rest for 5 minutes and it will come up to medium/medium-rare.
Serve with a lemon wedge. I served it with roasted asparagus but could be served with almost any other veggie.
The Mustard Lamb Chops were a hit with my family. In fact, it's been requested that I make lamb more often. Slater had 2 other lamb dishes (one with feta) that I'd love to try.

Have your tried any of Slater's recipes?
What's your favorite way to prepare lamb?

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  1. I love lamb...but never cook it. I must try these!

  2. I've never cooked with lamb -- but that sure looks good!

    Joy's Book Blog

  3. We buy a whole lamb every year so lamb is our main meat -- we just love it. I've been thinking of getting this cookbook and you've convinced me to pick it up.

  4. I'm adding this to my library queue - thanks!

  5. I love the beautiful cover on this book!

  6. This chef is new to me. Lamb is a rare treat here as i am not familiar cooking it but do enjoy the flavour. I eat it frequently when I visit New Zealand.

  7. My husband loves lamb but I've never had it!! This looks delicious and not hard at all!!!


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